Dailynex® 5l concentrate

Dailynex® is your vegan, alcohol -free & fully effective disinfectant for surfaces, rooms, drinking water and much more! The exposure time for SARS-CoV-2 is 1min . Our products are made in Germany and based on their effectiveness DIN EN tested . By avoiding high concentrations of pollutants , you protect your materials and surfaces from damage caused by the usual disinfectants. Your skin and airways benefit from the high level of tolerance of Dailynex®. Because our products can be sprayed! The formulation of your Dailynex® disinfectant is organic & vegan . With our 5 liter canister for professional use, you receive 25 liters of ready-to-use disinfectant solution after you have diluted the concentrate * with water. The compact DIN standard canisters can be conveniently stacked if necessary, so that you always have a sufficient amount of disinfectant in stock.

We deliberately do without many hazardous substances and additives that have previously made the use of disinfectants complicated. You benefit from a special one Ease of use . You don’t need protective equipment with Dailynex – this is how you save time! Dailynex® is no dangerous goods and with its minimum shelf life of 18 months and easy to store.



Includes 19% Mwst.
(9,99 / 1 L)
Delivery Time: approx. 2-3 working days

Content: 5l | Weight: 5.3kg | Ingredient: active chlorine released from hypochlorous acid | BAuA number: N-92558

Concentrate for making a disinfectant solution based on hypochlorous acid. Acts quickly and sustainably against: bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, algae and neutralizes odors. Dailynex® is vegan and gentle on the skin.

* The disinfectant Dailynex is a concentrate (100%). We recommend a mixing ratio of 100% (strong disinfection & sterilization *) – 1: 2/1: 1 (30-50% concentrate, strong disinfection) – 1: 4 (20% concentrate moderate disinfection) – 1: 9 (10% Concentrate, for cleaning).

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MRSA 1 minute
E. coli 1 minute
E. hirae 1 minute
P. aeruginosa 1 minute
Levurocide * | C. albicans 1 minute
Sporocidia * | Bac.Subtilis 1 minute
Virucicidal * 1 minute
lim. Virucidal 1 minute

Disinfectants Made in Germany. Quality since 2016.

  • DIN EN conform:
  • DIN EN: 1276
  • DIN EN: 13697
  • DIN EN: 14347
  • DIN EN: 14348
  • DIN EN: 14476
  • effect
  • Bactericidal
  • Fungicide, levurocide
  • Sporicidia
  • Mycobactericidal activity, tuberculocidal activity
  • Virucidal, SARS-CoV-2

Dailynex your disinfectant & facts about SARS-CoV-2

  • 1 min working time

  • Spray, wipe, mist

  • Surface disinfection

  • Room disinfection with a cold nebulizer or humidifier

  • Mask disinfection

  • For young and old | 0+ to 99+

  • May be sprayed. No hazardous or pollutant

* Ingredients such as alcohol, QAV, fragrances and other additives in disinfectants or cleaning agents. You can find more on the topic here .


The professional container sizes of our vegan & ecologically produced disinfectant solution are ideal for regular disinfection processes. Cleaning in Process (CIP) becomes very easy. Dailynex® not only offers countless advantages as a professional surface disinfectant for physiotherapists, the rehabilitation and care sector. You can disinfect your air conditioning system quickly and efficiently, but system hygiene or measures for drinking water hygiene can also be implemented without any problems thanks to our modern hygiene concept.

  • optimized material compatibility

    No alcohol, no harmful substances, no frills. Your surfaces to be disinfected are protected thanks to our gentle form and thus more durable.

  • skin-friendly

    We don’t think much of high concentrations of pollutants! We are therefore happy to do without them! The gentle formulation of Dailynex® is not irritating.

  • produced ecologically and sustainably

    Incredible but true: Dailynex® leaves only 3 things after its use: salt, water and a clear conscience.

  • Sustainably produced for the next generation

    By using Dailynex , you deliberately avoid using potentially dangerous pollutants.

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