Modern surface disinfection without alcohol. Strong in effect. Vegan & sustainably produced.

Surface disinfectant without alcohol. Virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal, algicidal.

Desinfektionsmittel für Tiere, Wundspray & Hautdesinfektion für Tiere
Oberflächendesinfektion alkoholfrei, vegan, biologisch & ohne Duftstoffe
  • Proven Quality

    DIN EN: 1276, 13697, 14347, 14348, 14476 compliant

  • Counteracts

    virucidal, limited virucidal (SARS-CoV-2), bactericidal, fungicidal & sporocidal (also bacterial), algicidal, MRSA & superbugs

  • Areas of application

    General surface disinfection on water-resistant surfaces. As a strong or moderate disinfection & sterilization. See industries and applications.

  • No dangerous goods

    Non-flammable, non-irritating, non-toxic.

  • May be sprayed & misted

    Meets the requirements of the workplace guidelines. Drastically reduces the emissions burden for employees through biocides (GefStoffVo §6).

  • Vegan & material-friendly

    Gentle on material. Vegan by not using petrochemicals, additives, fragrances, pollutants and hazardous substances.

Surface disinfectant without alcohol for spraying. Ideal for the effective disinfection of sensitive surfaces.

Dailynex is your alcohol-free disinfectant spray to remove bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores and bad odors from surfaces safely and quickly.
You can eliminate 99.99% * of all bacteria and special viruses in no time at all. SARS-CoV-2 & MRSA are also stopped by Dailynex when it comes to reliable surface disinfection. The exposure time here is 1 minute.

Spray and disinfect surfaces easily and quickly with alcohol-free disinfectant

With Dailynex as a spray, surfaces only have to be wetted. Often annoying wiping is not necessary because Dailynex does not leave any harmful substances on the surface. However, wiping with a cloth can increase the effectiveness and cleaning.

Fast disinfection effect

Thanks to its formulation, Dailynex acts as a disinfectant quickly virucidal, bactericidal, sporocidal, fungicidal and algicidal.

Material-friendly disinfectant without alcohol

Dailynex is free from alcohol and harsh chemicals and therefore very compatible with materials for surface disinfection.

Economical and economical disinfectant

Thanks to its versatile application possibilities as a concentrate, Dailynex is very economical.

Disinfectant for alcohol-free surface disinfection for spraying and wiping

With the Dailynex disinfectants, you can quickly and easily remove germs and dirt from surfaces using the spray-wipe method. You can spray our products at any time, because they are free from commonly used pollutants and hazardous substances (in the sense of a hazardous substance load, in the sense of TRGS 900). For users and bystanders there is no negative impact from aerosols, residues or a risk of ignition (confirmed by ECHA & Baua). Use Dailynex for material-friendly and healthy, user-friendly surface disinfection without harmful aerosols for you, your customers and family!

Alcohol-free disinfectant spray for surfaces

Wet the surface to be disinfected completely with Dailynex and wipe it off after it has taken effect. Mechanical action by wiping increases the cleaning and disinfecting effect. Synthetic leather, acrylic and other alcohol-sensitive surfaces in particular become one have a longer lifespan if you use Dailynex for surface disinfection!

Disinfectant wipes with Dailynex

With Dailynex you can soak your own disinfectant wipes. For this you need our Dailynex disinfectants, as well as suitable non-woven cloths, which are dry packed, as well as a corresponding cloth dispenser, as a bucket or box.

Disinfection even without a cloth

Of course, our biocides can also be used without cloths. Wet the entire surface to be disinfected and wait for the exposure time. Thanks to the modern and vegan formula, no pollutants and a quickly disinfected surface remain. Dailynex is your disinfectant for strong & effective disinfection.

Nebulize disinfectants with a cold nebulizer. Vegan room disinfection for all surfaces.

The Dailynex disinfectants can be used with any type of surface disinfectant nebulizer.
This type of disinfection enables disinfection by means of nebulization for large rooms and areas.

Disinfectant for cold nebulizers & foggers

Our biocides are atomized in the large-scale disinfection insert. All nebulizers available on the market, which are resistant to chemicals, can be used here.

ULV nebulizer for disinfecting surfaces and rooms

Ultra low volume nebulizers are widely used in room and surface disinfection. They are versatile, handy and economical. With Dailynex, small rooms, cars, trucks, other means of transport and also warehouses and large rooms can be disinfected quickly and flexibly (quickly wetting all surfaces). Due to its sustainable and strong disinfection method, the vegan process with Dailynex is gentle on people and material. Dailynex is the ideal disinfectant for ULV nebulizers! (Our products have food and drinking water approval for companies)

Ultrasonic nebulizer for the surface disinfection of rooms and aerosols

Ultrasonic nebulizers are widely used in the disinfection industry. The most common models are suitable for use with Dailynex. They are ideal for disinfection that is carried out over a longer period of time without personnel operating the device. Mobile models can also be used like a ULV nebuliser. Commercially available humidifiers in particular are ideal for disinfecting small rooms, in the office, at home or at work with Dailynex.

Air humidification systems, foggers and nozzle systems for continuous and optimal room hygiene as a permanent installation

Fogger and cold nebulizer nozzle systems have the best performance for surface disinfection in the area of large area disinfection. They are characterized by price / performance and a long service life. They can be installed mobile or static and enable long-term and strong disinfection in rooms. If required, we will be happy to advise you on long-term & economical surface disinfection. Thanks to our modular systems, we are in the best position to disinfect rooms of 80-10,000 square meters continuously and quickly!

Your advantages with Dailynex


  • virucidal
  • limited virucidal (SARS-CoV-2)
  • bactericidal
  • fungicidal & sporocidal
  • algicide
  • MRSA & superbugs

Skin-friendly & lower aerosol load*

  • good compatibility with ph neutrality
  • no cracked hands from alcohol or QAVs
  • no irritating aerosols
  • protects employees and customers*

*(in the sense of a hazardous substance substitution at the workplace according to Baua TRGS 900)


  • no fragrances, no alcohol or benzalkonium chloride
  • no cheap chlorine
  • highest quality HOCL


  • neutralizes odors on all surfaces
  • removes odors and their causes
  • refreshes long-lasting
  • eliminates odors in the air


  • thanks to the waiver of QAVs and alcohol
  • Plastics & artificial leather
  • All water-resistant surfaces
  • Acrylic & displays
  • Wood

VERSATILE & Food Approved

  • Wipe down counters & workstations
  • Spray down storage and rooms
  • Disinfect and clean grip and contact surfaces
  • Product registration at the BAuA for product groups 2-5

Perfectly suitable! Your hygiene strategy for surfaces 2020!

Disinfect surfaces, thanks to Dailynex you can do that powerfully & effectively, at any time, on all kinds of materials. Finally a bactericidal and virucidal disinfection that meets your needs in the long term. A refreshing feel-good ambience through alcohol-free disinfection – strong as a sea breeze.

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