Plant protection & crop protection through disinfectants especially for the food sector.

Disinfectant for indoor & outdoor plant cultivation. Ecological, organic & sustainable.


  • Maximum effectiveness
  • pollution-free
  • Food approved
  • Ecologically sustainable
  • non-alcoholic
  • Effective quickly. 30sec -1 min
  • Broad spectrum of activity. bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, sporocidal, MRSA.
  • Odour neutralizing
  • Drinking water approved
  • without nanotechnology

100% disinfectant solution.
99,99%* Effectiveness.
0% Pollutants.
0% irritant .

Disinfection of indoor cultivation systems, greenhouses, grow boxes as well as plants, water, substrates and media.

Good hygiene management is crucial for success, particularly in plant breeding.

Disinfection of rooms

Growing rooms must be disinfected regularly to prevent pathogens from spreading and spreading.

Disinfection of room air and ventilation systems

The room air can also be a carrier of harmful pathogens. Plant rooms and fans, filters and air conditioning units can be disinfected quickly and efficiently using cold fogging.

Disinfection of hydroponic systems

Before, after and during use, water-based systems should be disinfected with Dailynex.

Disinfection of inert substrates

Rinsing, cleaning and disinfecting is one of the most important steps in successful plant cultivation.

material-friendly disinfectant
material-friendly disinfection

Works against pests of plants:

  • Escherichia coli
  • Salmonella Typhimurium
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Pythium spp. Phytophthora spp. (Root rot)
  • Botrytis cinerea (gray mold)
  • Peronosporaceae (downy mildew)
  • Erysiphaceae (powdery mildew)

Disinfection of irrigation water

Clean and germ-free irrigation water can be decisive for the success of a breeding. By adding Dailynex, the quality of the water can be ensured even under climatically challenging conditions in the grow room.

Disinfection of humidifiers

Humidifiers used in plant cultivation and the water used should be disinfected with Dailynex to prevent the spread of germs.

Hygiene management for plant breeding

Indoor and outdoor, disinfection in plant cultivation

Proper hygiene management with Dailynex can be used both indoors and outdoors. The main goal is to use efficient and feasible hygiene strategies. For this purpose, Dailynex can be used in all areas of breeding. Thanks to its food and drinking water approval, it can be safely used in systems and rooms without contaminating the products.

Disinfect rooms

Using cold fogging, rooms can be disinfected quickly and efficiently every day. Components that are relevant to the climate, such as fans, filters, nebulizers, coolers and air slots, must also be disinfected regularly.

Disinfect water, prepare hygienically

Water in hydroponic and aeroponic systems should always be treated hygienically to prevent microbiological contamination.

Remove and prevent biofilms in hydroponic systems

When added to water, biofilms can be efficiently broken down and prevented. In the event of soiling, we recommend stronger disinfecting, wiping and rinsing.

Disinfect and rinse inert substrates

Disinfection of substrates:

With Dailynex all types of substrates can be disinfected. For disinfection, these are completely watered for 24 hours.
1: 100 dilution (10 ml concentrate per liter of water)

Substrate rinsing:

Substrates can be rinsed hygienically with Dailynex. Periodic rinsing for a period of 24 hours is recommended here.
1: 1000 dilution (10 ml concentrate per 10 liters of water)

Recycle substrates

To recycle substrates, they are first disinfected and then rinsed.

Disinfect processing, transport and storage rooms in plant cultivation

In addition to the breeding room, other rooms connected to it also present a potential risk of microbial contamination.

Disinfect the preparation and processing area

The premises of the breeding preparation and follow-up work as well as the breeding room must be kept hygienically clean.

Disinfect the transport media

Means of transport and media should be disinfected regularly in order to prevent the spread of germs through the breeding and production facility. Contact surfaces and handles for people can be the point of transfer here.

Disinfect storage rooms

After the plants have been successfully grown, they are stored in the storage rooms that are climatically adapted to the product. It should not be omitted to disinfect these rooms regularly and also to disinfect all components relevant to the room climate.

Disinfectants for the grow

Thanks to our HOCl formulation, we are able to provide growers with a completely pollutant-free and ecological disinfectant. Due to the natural and strong effect, it is possible to make all relevant areas of breeding hygienic. This promotes the health of the plants and ensures better yields and fewer failures due to disease.

Disinfect the grow box and grow room

Like other plant rooms, grow rooms for plant cultivation are regularly disinfected. Connected rooms are also regularly disinfected.

Disinfect growing equipment

The disinfection of growing equipment prevents the contamination of clean areas.

Water and air hygiene in the grow room

In this area of plant cultivation, as in other areas, it is advisable to regularly disinfect and clean water, tanks, pipes, surfaces, substrates and all components of the cultivation system as well as the air conditioning systems.

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