Strong & sustainable disinfectants for vehicles. We don’t give viruses, odors, bacteria, fungi & spores a chance! Spray, wipe & mist. Pollutant-free & material-friendly!

The most modern hygiene for processors, workshops and service providers in passenger and freight transport.


  • Maximum effectiveness
  • pollution-free
  • Skin-friendly
  • Ecologically sustainable
  • non-alcoholic
  • Effective quickly. 30sec -1 min
  • Broad spectrum of activity. bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, sporocidal, MRSA.
  • Odour neutralizing
  • Refreshing
  • without nanotechnology

100% disinfectant solution.
99,99%* Effectiveness.
0% Pollutants.
0% irritant .

Vehicle disinfection for private individuals, workshops and vehicle dressers

Disinfect vehicles and clean them hygienically. A challenge that more and more owners, workshops and vehicle dressers are facing. It has recently been known that bad smells, fungi, spores and viruses can damage the occupant and reduce the value of vehicles considerably. With Dailynex® we offer an ecological and powerful disinfectant that can be used in all vehicle types and businesses to counteract these problems. Not only in times of SARS-CoV-2, an odor-free & pathogen-free vehicle is more than important.

Vehicles, the right disinfection

With Dailynex all necessary areas, surfaces, upholstery and the room air can be disinfected and cleaned. This enables viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, MRSA and bad odors to be removed efficiently in vehicles.

Vehicle disinfection with the cold nebulizer

For vehicle disinfection, the process of cold misting with a cold nebulizer, or ULV cold nebulizer, also called fogger, has proven itself. This technology is already widely used in combination with Dailynex® products for room disinfection.

Disinfectants for vehicles for nebulization in cold nebulizers

The Dailynex® disinfectants are ideal for use in cold fogging devices. Entire vehicles can thus be disinfected efficiently and economically in a very short time.

Hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite for vehicle disinfection

The main active ingredients are the active ingredients hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite, which are in great demand in vehicle hygiene, for disinfecting vehicle interiors, loading areas, upholstery and air conditioning. The high material compatibility compared to other products is only one of the serious advantages, because many products are unsuitable for vehicle hygiene . Our products are also ideal in the field of food transport as they are a Food approval have.

Vehicle disinfection also for caravans &

Antique car


    • Virucidal, SARS-CoV-2
    • Bactericidal
    • MRSA
    • fungicide
    • sporocidal
    • Anti-odor

Disinfectants for vehicles, the right application for maximum economy

The hygiene requirements have increased significantly. Optimized processes are required for economic implementation. With Dailynex ® and the optimal properties for surface disinfection and room disinfection, it is possible to disinfect vehicles quickly and efficiently.

Application options for vehicle disinfection

Disinfection measures are paid for by the reimbursing insurance

Disinfect and clean buses and trains

Disinfect and hygienically clean public transport. A challenge that more and more companies have to face. The bad smells in buses and trains have to be removed from time to time has always been an issue. With the products from Dailynex, disinfection and odor neutralization in buses and trains is now possible in one operation. Completely pollutant-free and sustainable.

Ecological and approved for public transport

  • Already free pollutants & harmful aerosols
  • No protective equipment necessary
  • Fast disinfection possible during daytime operation
  • no waiting times after disinfection, as it is free of harmful substances
  • effect

    • Virucidal
    • Bactericidal
    • MRSA
    • fungicide
    • sporocidal
    • Anti-odor
    • Buses and trains, the right disinfection

      With Dailynex all necessary areas, surfaces, upholstery and the room air can be disinfected and cleaned. This enables viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, MRSA and bad smells to be removed efficiently in public transport.

      Disinfectants for buses and trains, the right application

      The hygiene requirements in local public transport have increased significantly. Optimized processes are required for economic implementation. With Dailynex and the optimal properties for surface disinfection and room air disinfection, it is possible to disinfect vehicles quickly and efficiently.

      Application options

      • Spray and wipe
      • Fogging

    Disinfect trucks, goods and food shipments

    The transport of goods has increasingly become the focus of necessary hygiene measures. With the Dailynex products it is now possible to disinfect all areas of the transport system and to rid them of bad smells with one product.

    Disinfection truck

    Trucks offer a lot of space for germs, an efficient hygiene measure with Dailynex can efficiently prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

    Disinfect the driver’s cab

    Regular disinfection of the driver’s cab makes sense and, first and foremost, protects the driver and the cargo from the spread of germs from the driver’s compartment into the cargo hold. Secondly, it protects companies that come into contact and international trade, as it prevents the spread of germs.

    Disinfect cargo and holds

    Regular disinfection of cargo and holds should receive the utmost attention. Well-maintained cargo holds are not only important for transporting food. Often, packages have come a long way and passed through many hands and countries. These pathogens inevitably go over to transport and holds. Regular disinfection can efficiently prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

    Disinfect cargo and packages

    The disinfection of shipping items and parcels that are being dispatched is recommended whenever there is a risk of infection from pathogens from the place of origin or if it is unclear.

    Effect & application

    • bactericidal, virucidal, sporocidal, fungicidal, algicidal, MRSA, anti-odor
    • Mist or spray and wipe
    • Approved for PT2-5
    • Approved for the food sector
    • Free of harmful substances, so it can be used at any time during the loading process
    • no waiting times to use the truck / van again
    • no protective equipment when using
    • Compatible with all water-compatible surfaces

    Disinfect ships

    The shipping industry needs better and better hygiene solutions and standards. Due to the complex requirement profile that is given by the ship ecosystem, our products are very popular. Because you serve all needs with just one disinfectant product. With Dailynex, the industry can be offered a disinfection solution that covers the entire range of requirements.

    Disinfect workplaces on ships

    Workplace hygiene on ships is one of the pivotal points for good hygiene management on your ship. If workplaces are disinfected on a regular basis, infection among staff can be significantly reduced.

    Disinfect common rooms and cabins

    Common rooms are also a place where pathogens can be transmitted to any ship. If these rooms are managed with a well thought-out hygiene strategy, this source of rapid spread of germs can also be contained with simple means.

    Disinfect leisure, wellness and sports rooms on board

    We are specialists in room hygiene for sports, wellness and leisure facilities. On long journeys and on long missions, leisure activities are one of the most popular and important points of the day. With Dailynex you can disinfect your rooms for leisure activities and keep them sterile.

    Disinfect kitchens and dining rooms on board ships

    Nothing is more important than good food at sea. Unfortunately, pathogens spread through kitchens and dining rooms in record time. With Dailynex, workstations for food preparation, counters, bars, buffets and tables as well as entire rooms can be disinfected effortlessly. The advantage lies in the food-safe formulation of our products. The Dailynex products are approved for use in the food sector and can therefore be used without hesitation without tedious subsequent cleaning in between and at any time.

    Desinize cargo holds and warehouses on ships

    Storage rooms and freight bays are transshipment points for goods of all kinds. Often there are objects that are possibly contaminated with bacteria, viruses and spores and thus get on board. With Dailynex these rooms and the goods themselves can be sprayed and; or nebulize quickly and efficiently disinfect.

    Indoor air disinfection on ships

    Air surrounds every room and therefore every surface. In situations with increased hygiene requirements, it is advisable to nebulize Dailynex disinfectants not only for surface disinfection, but also to combat bacteria, viruses and other germs directly in the air. This prevents pathogens from spreading rapidly on board. This is particularly useful in heavily frequented areas. So-called hotspots.

    Disinfection locks for passengers

    Humans are carriers of many pathogens. With disinfection locks in entrance areas, entries on board can be efficiently reduced.Dailynex is ideally suited as a disinfectant for disinfection locks of all types.

    Hand disinfection on ships

    Hand disinfection on board ships is just as important a topic as surface disinfection on ships. With Dailnyex we offer you a skin-friendly and ecological hand disinfectant.

    Disinfect aircraft

    Aircraft can be used by a single person, but can also be a contact point for a large number of users and passengers. An efficient disinfection that corresponds to the needs of aircraft is appropriate and often necessary.

    Cabin disinfection in the aircraft

    Regular disinfection of the cabin is recommended by means of room air nebulization and targeted surface disinfection of contact surfaces. Handles, upholstery, and ventilation are very angled components that harbor germs and pathogens. A combination of nebulization and wipe disinfection enables sustainable and efficient disinfection of the on-board cabin.

    Aircraft disinfection without pollutants

    One of the greatest challenges in an airplane is disinfection without pollutants. With the Dailynex disinfectants it is possible for you to disinfect the inside of the aircraft without hazardous substances and pollutants.

    Disinfect the material gently in the aircraft

    The Dailynex products are designed to be gentle on the material and the user. They are ideal for disinfecting artificial leather, acrylic, plastic combinations and upholstery.

    Disinfectant Made in Germany. Quality since 2016.

    • DIN EN conform:
    • DIN EN: 1276
    • DIN EN: 13697
    • DIN EN: 14347
    • DIN EN: 14348
    • DIN EN: 14476
    • effect
    • Bactericidal
    • Fungicide, levurocide
    • Sporicidia
    • Mycobactericidal activity, tuberculocidal activity
    • Virucidal, SARS-CoV-2

    Dailynex your disinfectant & facts about SARS-CoV-2

    • 1 min working time

    • Spray, wipe, mist

    • Surface disinfection

    • Room disinfection with a cold nebulizer or humidifier

    • No protective equipment necessary

    • Can be used quickly

    • no long working and waiting times

    • Pollutant-free. Biologically. Halal. Vegan.

    Discover your new strong & ecological disinfectant for vehicles

    Disinfect quickly and completely free of harmful substances – with Dailynex®.

    Environmental protection

    Every day we use hygiene products and disinfectants without knowing exactly what ingredients and additives they actually contain. Very often it is precisely these that damage our health and above all our environment. With our products we adapt hygiene completely to your needs. We offer you an environmentally friendly and pollutant-free alternative to conventional disinfectants.