• Virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, sporocidal (Bak. & Fung.), Yeasticidal, MRSA
  • DIN EN: 1276, 13697, 14347, 14348, 14476, 1500 compliant
  • 99,9999%*
  • 30sec-1min
  • without alcohol
  • not irritating to skin and lungs
  • no hazardous substance
  • ecological & sustainable

Disinfectants for surfaces, masks / MNS, air conditioning & circulating air devices, room disinfection, room humidifiers, drinking water & tanks

Disinfectants for hands and skin

Without alcohol. No more dry & chapped hands.

Product packages


  • Maximum effectiveness
  • pollution-free
  • Skin-friendly
  • Ecologically sustainable
  • non-alcoholic
  • Effective quickly. 30sec -1 min
  • Broad spectrum of activity. bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, sporocidal, MRSA.
  • Odour neutralizing
  • Refreshing
  • without nanotechnology

100% disinfectant solution.
99,9999%* Effectiveness.
0% Pollutants.
0% irritant .

You ask yourself how disinfection without pollutants is possible? The active ingredient in Dailynex® is part of your body’s immune system. Isn’t it smart?

Environmental protection

Every day we use hygiene products without knowing exactly what ingredients and additives they actually contain. Very often it is precisely these that damage our health and above all our environment. With our products we adapt hygiene completely to your needs. We offer you an environmentally friendly and pollutant-free alternative to conventional disinfectants.