Modern disinfectants without harmful substances. Sustainable, strong & ecological.

Room disinfectant for misting & spraying. Virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, sporocidal, algicidal.

Room disinfection. Fast. Strong. Economically. Ecologically.

Dailynex® is the innovative disinfectant for room disinfection. Versatile, it can be used with cold nebulizers, foggers, air humidifiers, spray systems and nozzle sets.

Disinfect Cold fogging of rooms fast & effective against viruses , Bacteria, spores, fungi & bad smells. Put on the modern HOCL technology from Dailynex® to get the best results. Pollutant-free & without hazardous substances we enable you to use it in heavily frequented, public & private areas that require strong basic hygiene. Through our gentle formulation is Dailynex® s very material-friendly, food-approved and does not require any ventilation or waiting times after use.

  • Proven Quality

    DIN EN: 1276, 13697, 14347, 14348, 14476 compliant

  • Counteracts

    virucidal, limited virucidal (SARS-CoV-2), bactericidal, fungicidal & sporocidal (also bacterial), algicidal, MRSA & superbugs

  • Areas of application

    General surface disinfection on water-resistant surfaces. As a strong or moderate disinfection & sterilization. See industries and applications.


Room disinfection through fogging


Disinfectant for cold nebulizers


Virucidal room disinfection through cold fogging

Modern hygiene. Room disinfection that works.

“Societies that are growing closer together, globalization and the speed at which we trade and travel, force us to perceive hygiene in a new, holistic concept. Measures that were previously considered individually and acting alone are brought together by Dailynex® to form a coherent and closed hygiene concept, and complemented by missing key elements. A hygiene concept that meets modern requirements. We live the daily connection of modern hygiene & our needs for sustainability, safety & environmental protection with Dailynex®. ”

– Founder-

Maximilian Maurer

  • No hazardous substance

    Non-flammable, non-irritating, non-toxic.

  • May be sprayed & misted

    Meets the requirements of the workplace guidelines. Drastically reduces the emissions burden for employees through biocides (GefStoffVo §6).

  • Material and environment friendly

    Gentle on material and the environment by avoiding harmful substances.


Room disinfection with any commercially available humidifier.


Flexible room disinfection for nebulization. At home & in the office.


Remove viruses, bacteria, fungi & spores in the air and on surfaces.

Disinfectants Made in Germany. Quality since 2016.

  • DIN EN conform:
  • DIN EN: 1276
  • DIN EN: 13697
  • DIN EN: 14347
  • DIN EN: 14348
  • DIN EN: 14476
  • effect
  • Bactericidal
  • Fungicide, levurocide
  • Sporicidia
  • Mycobactericidal activity, tuberculocidal activity
  • Virucidal, SARS-CoV-2

Dailynex your room disinfectant & facts about SARS-CoV-2

  • 1 min working time

  • Spray, wipe, mist

  • Surface disinfection

  • Room disinfection with a cold nebulizer or humidifier

  • Mask disinfection

  • For young and old | 0+ to 99+

  • May be sprayed. No hazardous or pollutant

Your advantages with Dailynex


  • virucidal
  • limited virucidal (SARS-CoV-2)
  • bactericidal
  • fungicidal & sporocidal
  • algicide
  • MRSA & superbugs


  • optimal compatibility with pH neutrality
  • no cracked hands from alcohol or QAVs
  • no harmful aerosols
  • This protects employees and customers


  • no fragrances, no alcohol or benzalkonium chloride
  • no cheap chlorine
  • highest quality HOCL
  • many times stronger than the mass product sodium hypochlorite


  • neutralizes odors on all surfaces
  • removes odors and their causes
  • refreshes long-lasting
  • eliminates odors in the air


  • thanks to the waiver of QAVs and alcohol
  • Plastics & artificial leather
  • All water-resistant surfaces
  • Acrylic & displays
  • Wood


  • Disinfect entrance areas, counters and workplaces
  • Disinfect warehouses and rooms
  • Disinfect vehicles and equipment
  • Disinfect stables
  • Product registration at the BAuA for product groups 2-5

Perfectly suitable! Your hygiene strategy for room disinfection!

Thanks to Dailynex, you can disinfect rooms without hesitation, at any time, with cold nebulizers, foggers & humidifiers. Finally a bactericidal and virucidal room disinfection that meets your needs in the long term. A refreshing feel-good ambience through disinfection, gentle as a sea breeze – strong, completely free of harmful substances and without alcohol.

sustainable disinfectant

Discover your new strong & ecological room disinfectant for cold fogging.

Disinfect quickly and completely free of harmful substances – with Dailynex®.

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