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Family Pack Dailynex® | 4x150ml + 1x1L

Now for a short time in an advantage pack.

The smart disinfection for on the go! Our Family Pack is now available for a short time and only while stocks last 4x 150ml Disinfectants for on the go and 1 liter to refill at a clever special price. Give your whole family the smart spray bottles as a safe companion when traveling. Whether in public showers and toilets, in your mobile home, or when camping with our little all-rounder, you always have your personal feel-good atmosphere with you, ready to use, in pocket format. Use our modern and strong sodium hypochlorite-HOCL formula to remove germs, viruses, enveloped viruses and bacteria quickly and reliably while on the move and simply feel safer – no matter where you are.

Also available in 5L and 5x 200ml packages!

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Whole 4x5L + 20x200ml at a special price!



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Weight: 0.4kg | Ingredient: hypochlorous acid, water, sodium hypochlorite

Disinfect Coronavirus bacteria viruses mold spores MRSA safely and reliably

Disinfectant Made in Germany. Quality since 2016.

  • DIN EN conform:
  • DIN EN: 1276
  • DIN EN: 13697
  • DIN EN: 14347
  • DIN EN: 14348
  • DIN EN: 14476
  • effect
  • Bactericidal
  • Fungicide, levurocide
  • Sporicidia
  • Mycobactericidal activity, tuberculocidal activity
  • Virucidal, SARS-CoV-2

Dailynex your disinfectant & facts about SARS-CoV-2

  • 1 min working time

  • Spray, wipe, mist

  • Surface disinfection

  • Room disinfection with a cold nebulizer or humidifier

  • Mask disinfection

  • For young and old | 0+ to 99+

  • May be sprayed. No hazardous or pollutant

Your advantages with Dailynex

* Ingredients such as alcohol, QAV, fragrances and other additives in disinfectants or cleaning agents. You can find more on the topic here .


You don’t want to do without comfort when you’re out and about when it comes to hygiene? Then our compact disinfectant spray is just right for you.

Whether toilets on the plane or train, public toilets, or your camping utensils. From now on, simply disinfect all imaginable surfaces on the go and ensure more moments of well-being.

MRSA 1 minute
E. coli 1 minute
E. hirae 1 minute
P. aeruginosa 1 minute
Levurocide * | C. albicans 1 minute
Sporocidia * | Bac.Subtilis 1 minute
Virucicidal * 1 minute
lim. Virucidal 1 minute
  • skin-friendly

    No alcohol, no harmful substances – no frills! Dailynex® is gentle on your skin and your mucous membranes!

  • versatile

    Eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi and even multi-resistant germs from now on conveniently on the go in any situation.

  • ecological

    Thanks to the gentle formula of Dailynex® you are actively doing something to protect the environment and water! Beautiful or? More on this.

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