No more brittle and cracked hands. No harmful aerosols and vapors.

Hand sanitiser without alcohol. Gentle on skin and material.

Hand disinfection virucidal. Everything you need.

Hand disinfectant virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal & sporocidal.
DIN EN 1500 compliant, hygienic hand disinfection.

With our modern hand disinfectant Dailynex for Skin® you have everything you need for strong and fast hand disinfection. Whether on the go, at home or at work, with our sizes from 100ml hand disinfectant spray and up to 5L in the canister you are well armed. You benefit from our gentle, yet strong formulation. With Dailynex® you specifically do without alcohol, QAVs and other ingredients that are unnecessarily harmful to our organism, our skin and the environment.

Your advantages with Dailynex for Skin®

  • virucidal, limited virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, sporocidal

  • Gentle on the skin

  • Effective quickly

Hand disinfection without alcohol and kind to the skin.

Hand disinfection as a spray and for refilling without any alcohol or QAVs.

  • Water-based hand sanitiser

  • no more dry & brittle hands

  • no harmful aerosols, no respiratory tract irritation

  • suitable for the substitution of alcohol according to § 6 GefStoffV in your company

Hand disinfection without odor. Real freshness for the hands.

Our gently formulated disinfectants for hands do not contain any annoying and unpleasant fragrances. Thanks to the fact that no alcohol is used, there is no strong smell. This means that there are no unpleasant disinfection smells that linger in the room for a long time.

Companies, employees and customers benefit from Dailynex for Skin®

Hand disinfection for on the go

  • handy
  • subtle in smell
  • Protects hands and material when it drips
  • Refill system

Hand disinfection for the workplace

  • no hazardous substance
  • no separate storage necessary
  • not irritating to skin, mucous membranes and respiratory tract
  • not toxic
  • no contact eczema from alcohols or QAVs
  • no alcohol = Halal compliant

Hand disinfection for customers

  • never again smelly rooms due to the smell of disinfection
  • reduced risk of injury as it is not a hazardous substance
  • smells subtle, does not trigger negative attitudes. Sensory Marketing
  • Less material damage on counters, floors and products by customers

Hand disinfection children / disinfect hands, children & sensitive skin

Hand disinfection for children and their sensitive skin is a topic that has arisen as a result of the innovations in our everyday life. With Dailynex for Skin® we are able to offer parents a reliable and powerful disinfectant for their loved ones.
Originally, the product groups (biocides) for hand hygiene were only designed for professional users. Personnel who are trained to use these disinfectants. Hence the question arises. Can and may we make disinfectant products available to our children that have been declared as hazardous and have been designed for professional users? We at Dailynex® say no and offer all parents and those involved in upbringing a solution to this problem.

Disinfectants for the whole family

  • no alcohol
  • non-irritating, non-toxic
  • gentle on the skin without harmful fumes

In our experience, hygiene products for use near children should be free of alcohol and not be declared as hazardous substances.
Dailynex for Skin® fulfills this requirement. Hand disinfection must always be carried out by a supervisor, regardless of the reduced emissions.

Hands, disinfectants, children & and those around you

Not only germs and viruses accidentally get into the face, mouth and eyes of our little heroes via the hands.
Who does not know it. The kids wash their hands quickly and in no time they are on their faces.
Dangerous! If you consider that our little ones now also use disinfectants that linger in their hands for several seconds and can be very irritating and toxic. Dailynex for Skin® effectively reduces this source of danger due to its gentle formulation.

Disinfectants for children and their skin

The skin of our loved ones is much more sensitive and fragile. One more reason why we shouldn’t bring them into contact with irritating substances in everyday life. Dailynex for Skin® is the first choice here.

100ml to 5L canister hand disinfection.

At Dailynex® we meet every need. Buy directly from us in the online shop or contact us!

We deliver all sizes and quantities you need quickly and easily.

  • Hand disinfection 100ml
  • Hand disinfectant in a practical 100ml spray bottle

For frequent users and for clever refilling on the go

  • Hand disinfection 1000ml / 1L

Hand disinfectant in 5L canisters, on request, for all types of businesses that rely on larger quantities.

  • Hand disinfection 5000ml / 5L in a canister

Delivery and shipping for end customers, major customers and dealers

  • from 1ooml
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Pallets on request
  • FTL on request

Environmental protection

Every day we use hygiene products and disinfectants without knowing exactly what ingredients and additives they actually contain. Very often it is precisely these that damage our health and above all our environment. With our products we adapt hygiene completely to your needs. We offer you an environmentally friendly and pollutant-free alternative to conventional disinfectants.