Immune strengthened plants, failure-free harvests & pathogen-free end products. Strengthen your plants in the most natural way and don’t give pathogens a chance.

Enjoy healthy plants.
Maximize your income.
100% ecological.
100% resource-saving.

Plant breeding.

  • Remove fungi & pathogens from plants
  • Disinfect surfaces, water systems, media & tanks
  • Remove & Prevent<br> Biofilms & Mineral Deposits
  • Purify water 24/7
  • Decontaminate rooms and equipment after fungal attacks
  • Plant-based immune enhancement with HOCL
  • Effective quickly. 30sec
  • DIN EN: 1276, 13697, 14347, 14348, 14476 compliant
  • 100% spectrum of activity. Virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal, sporocidal (bak. & Fung.), Algicidal
  • Drinking water approved
  • Food approved
  • No development of resistance
  • 0% pesticides, pollutants & residues

100% disinfectant solution.
99,9999%* Effectiveness.
0% Pollutants.
0% irritant .

Sagittarius & Strength your plants in the most natural way . The All-in-one Solution with Immune activator .

Free with ours All-in-one concept from Dailynex Your plants, surfaces, growing media, growing rooms, propagators, water systems, air, air conditioning devices, hands & tools from all pathogens that damage your plants. Strength at the same time the natural immune processes of your plants for a optimal growth without stress.

Disinfect with Dailynex. Everything what you need.

  • plants
  • Grow rooms & grow boxes
  • Propagators
  • Hydroponic systems
  • Breeding media
  • water
  • surfaces
  • hands
  • Tools

Modern Hygiene. For the Plant breeding from tomorrow.

In the modern Plant breeding takes the effective, ecological & pesticide-free Hygiene is one of the most important roles. Modern breeding facilities must efficient work & thereby the Claims the Authorities & Customers satisfy. With Dailynex for Plants we offer you, thanks to the most modern in Germany developed HOCL Technology is the solution.

Weekly disinfection for hydroponic systems / water tanks:

Add 1-3 ml of Dailynex per liter of nutrient solution every 5 to 7 days. Every 1-3 days when temperatures exceed 23 ° C.

Periodic and final nutrient flush:

Periodically: Add 1-3 ml of Dailynex per liter of water and continue rinsing as usual. Continue this process for 12-24 hours. Then drain the solution and mix in new nutrient.

Cloning / propagation:

At the beginning of the cloning / propagation process, add 5-10 ml of Dailynex per liter of fresh water. The cuttings can be immersed in 25 to 30 ml of Dailynex per liter of water for 20 to 30 seconds or fully immersed to sterilize them. Then clone gels or root powder can be applied.

Cleaning the hydroponic system / reservoir (without systems):

Add 10 ml of Dailynex per liter of water. Circulate for 1-24 hours and then drain the system / container.

How to clean used media:

Soak overnight in 10 ml Dailynex per liter of water. This disinfects, cleans & prepares the media for reuse. Suitable for clay pebbles, coconut fiber, rock wool, etc. that are not overly degraded or contaminated.
You can ideally soak new media in the same way.

Surface disinfection & room disinfection / air disinfection:

Dailynex 10% diluted or 100% concentrated spray or spray with a nebuliser, humidifier.
We recommend disinfection every 2-4 days.

Root booster . Immune activator . Pathogen protection.

Dailynex® is a Multipurpose Disinfectants & Root Zone Optimizers . It improved the Nutrient intake e and maximized the available oxygen . It improves the chemical function and helps to maintain a balanced nutrient solution. Pathogens & harmful germs on plants and in grow rooms can be effective eliminated will. Dailynex® enables you Exponential root growth For Maximum yield . It does this through hypochlorous acid (HOCL) Descaling of minerals and the Removal potentially harmful biofilms in nutrient reservoirs.

By reducing the habitat for plant pathogens, Dailynex® enables one healthy, balanced nutrient solution that are perfect for exponential root growth suitable! Dailynex® has been engineered for optimal performance in Hydroponic systems developed, but is suitable for all cultivation styles and methods , including: Coco, DTW, rock wool, ebb flow tables, aeroponics, etc. Dailynex® can also be used as Nutrient washout agents or to cleaning between Cycles be used.

Modern hygiene
for urban growing, indoor & outdoor breeding.
Ecologically. Proactive. Strong.

Fight & prevent
Plant diseases

  • Peronosporaceae (downy mildew)

  • Erysiphaceae (powdery mildew)

  • Pythium spp. Phytophthora spp. (Root rot)

  • Botrytis cinerea (gray mold)

  • Escherichia coli

  • Salmonella Typhimurium

  • Staphylo<br>coccus aureus

Benefits for hydroponics breeding & soil

  • Removes biofilms & mineral<br>deposits & prevents them

  • Stabilizes the pH value & the nutrient solution

  • Increases the available oxygen

  • Maintaining a balanced nutrient solution

  • Prevents constipation

Benefits for your plants

  • Thick white roots

  • Maximized nutrient absorption

  • Strengthened immune system

  • No stress from pathogens & fluctuating nutrient solution & water quality

  • Pesticide-free protection against pathogens

Processing advantages

  • Organic & pesticide free

  • No fungi or germs in products

  • Minimizes losses from diseases and germs

  • Food & Drinking Water<br>authorized

From Seeds & Cutting until product . Maximize yours Income .

Efficiency is the key to the success of modern plant breeding

No matter where you start. Every step is essential to yours success .
Minimize your failures in every step .

The special features of the Dailynex® technology

  • 100% HOCL

    Pure HOCL, 320ppm without low-grade sodium hypochlorite to increase the ppm content.

  • Neutral pH 6.8

    Due to its neutral pH value, Dailynex® does not change the pH value of the water or the nutrient solution.

  • Does not affect the salinity of the water

    Dailynex® is used in such a low concentration that it does not affect the mineral content of the water.

Benefits for you & your team

Kind to the skin

  • optimal compatibility with pH neutrality
  • no harmful aerosols
  • This protects employees and customers


  • no fragrances, no alcohol or benzalkonium chloride
  • no cheap chlorine
  • highest quality HOCL


  • Disinfect counters and workplaces
  • Disinfect entire warehouses and other rooms
  • Disinfect and clean handle and contact surfaces


  • bactericidal & virucidal
  • fungicidal & sporocidal
  • algicide


  • neutralizes odors on all surfaces
  • refreshes equipment
  • suitable for humidifiers & nebulizers
  • eliminates odors in the air


  • thanks to the waiver of QAVs and alcohol
  • Plastics & artificial leather
  • All water-resistant surfaces
  • Acrylic, displays & wood

You ask yourself how disinfection without pollutants is possible? The active ingredient in Dailynex® is part of your body’s immune system. Isn’t it smart?

Environmental protection

Every day we use hygiene products without knowing exactly what ingredients and additives they actually contain. Very often it is precisely these that damage our health and above all our environment. With our products we adapt hygiene completely to your needs. We offer you an environmentally friendly and pollutant-free alternative to conventional disinfectants.