Drinking water disinfectants for pipe systems, water-carrying lines, water tanks, drain taps & dispensing stations as well as for pool hygiene.

Chlorine and pollutant-free disinfection for drinking water and material. Gentle on skin, material and the environment.

Drinking water disinfectants, hygiene and disinfection of drinking water

With Dailynex, pipes and water-carrying systems can be efficiently freed from microbial contamination and biofilms. Legionella can thus be safely removed and prevented. Unwanted deposits in water pipes can also be removed.

Chemical disinfection of drinking water

The main component of Dailynex is HOCl (hypochlorous acid), which is ideal for the chemical disinfection of drinking water. Thanks to its drinking water approval and the absence of harmful substances, Dailynex can be used to disinfect the systems during operation.

Hypochlorous acid for disinfecting drinking water

Active chlorine released from hypochlorous acid is an active ingredient approved for disinfecting drinking water and is widely used in professional areas of care, public facilities, hospitals, food production companies and sports facilities.

Disinfection and cleaning of water tanks

Due to their strong antimicrobial effect, the Dailynex products are ideally suited to rid tanks of impurities and algae. These drastically increase the risk of legionella and bacterial contamination without regular removal.

Clean the water tank

It is advisable to clean the drinking water tanks after long periods of inactivity or at regular intervals. In this case, coverings and deposits are loosened through complete wetting and mechanical action through abrasion.

With Dailynex, this cleaning can be carried out efficiently and sustainably without any harmful substances, through a physical active process. That protects users and the environment.

Disinfect the water tank

Regular tank disinfection is fundamentally important for consistent water quality. After every cleaning, it is advisable to rinse a drinking water tank and spray it again with Dailynex.

Continuous disinfection and discontinuous cleaning of tanks

With Dailynex, the two phases of water tank hygiene can be optimally combined and thus guarantee users and users the best possible tank disinfection and water quality.

Disinfection of draw-off points

With Dailynex, thanks to the drinking water approval and the broad spectrum of activity, taps, drain taps and other drinks dispensers can be kept optimally hygienically clean in highly frequented areas.

Disinfection of water dispensers and beverage stations

Beverage and water dispensers that are openly available in particular require regular disinfection of the operating elements and the components that come into contact with liquid. Hygiene-relevant components of the systems can also be optimally disinfected and wiped off. This prevents contamination and the spreading of bacteria.

Disinfection of the preparation serving area

A clean area around the tap is essential for optimal hygiene. Regardless of the medium to be tapped, thorough surface hygiene is required in the area of use of the beverage layer. This efficiently prevents cross-contamination and retrograde contamination of the system.

Hygiene prophylaxis for drinking water

Approved for drinking water disinfection, Dailynex is ideally suited for the continuous sanitization of drinking water in power systems and tanks. Continuous disinfection of the drinking water is ensured by adding it to the water. The drinkability of the water is not negatively affected. This type of 24/7 prophylaxis enables a constant, germ-free quality of the drinking water in sensitive areas.

Drinking water additive for camping and caravans

Water tanks in the camping area require regular cleaning. Dailynex can also be used as a drinking water additive to keep them hygienically clean while traveling.

Disinfectants for humidifiers

Air humidifiers in the private as well as in the commercial sector require water of sterile quality. As a hygiene prophylaxis, which is added with every filling, Dailynex provides clean working conditions and the best water quality.

Disinfectants for pools

Pools enjoy the strong disinfecting properties of Dailynex. Algae, bacteria, bad smells and red eyes are a thing of the past.

Germ-free water in breeding and drinking systems

Especially in plant breeding systems and animal husbandry, the best water quality is required. Here it is important to keep the systems used hygienically clean and to prevent contamination.

Pool disinfectants

Dailynex is your pool disinfectant. Prevent the formation of algae, bacteria and germs in the blink of an eye.

Disinfectants for pools

For efficient pool disinfection, Dailynex is added directly to the pool’s drinking water. It is also recommended to disinfect components of the pool with Dailynex before commissioning in order to prevent germs from entering the pool.

Pool disinfection without red eyes

Thanks to Dailynex, you and your loved ones will no longer have red eyes after a refreshing swim.

Pool disinfectant without chlorine

Thanks to our modern and effective formulation, pool disinfection with Dailynex works entirely without irritating chlorine.

Disinfectant for assemblies in the drinking water area

The highest level of hygiene is essential for working in the drinking water area. The disinfection of components and tools efficiently prevents germs and pathogens from being carried over into drinking water systems.

Disinfectant for SHK

Dailynex is your strong and functional disinfectant for working in the HVAC sector!

  • Effective quickly

  • Odour neutralizing

  • Refreshing

  • Bactericidal, virucidal & algicidal

  • without chlorine & nanotechnology

  • Highly effective control of microbiological infestation
  • Compliant with the biocidal product regulation
  • Active ingredient approved for drinking water disinfection (PT 5)
  • Active ingredient approved for plant disinfection (PT 4)
  • Active ingredient and product manufacturers listed on Art. 95 list
  • Product registration at the BAuA for product groups 2-5
  • Compliant with the drinking water ordinance
  • The active ingredient and manufacturing process are on the UBA list according to §11 TrinkwV

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